Farm Services

Farm practice is continually changing and the service we offer is reflective of this.  Dealing with Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Pigs, Goats or Game Birds we aim to be a proactive advocate for animal health and welfare. We believe this leads to better outcomes and profitability for farms and individuals.  To achieve this we offer a comprehensive range of professional services to suit all types and sizes of farm and smallholding.

Examples of services offered:

  • Proactive analysis of herd data to advise production and efficiency

  • Proactive approach to Antimicrobial reduction and Climate Change Initiatives

  • Infectious Disease Planning and Advice

  • Full range of technical skills including surgery, reproductive ultrasound, and diagnostics

  • Comprehensive Bull Fertility Examinations

  • Training and Discussion Groups

  • Private TB testing

  • Competitively Priced Medicines

  • 24/7 Emergency Out of Hours Cover